The superfood that strengthens the heart and reduces cholesterol

The superfood that strengthens the heart and reduces cholesterol

Taking care of our body through food is very important. Learn everything about this fruit full of benefits.

This fruit from the Amazon is key to the health of your heart.

In recent times we have begun to become aware of the care of our body outside of regular visits to the doctor. To better take care of our health there are certain habits that we can incorporate into our diet that can help us lead a healthier life.

He acaí, a small, deep purple berry, is gaining global recognition not only for its flavor, but also for its health benefits. This superfood originating from the Amazon It became popular thanks to its high content of vitamins, proteins, fiber and healthy monounsaturated fats.

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What is açaí and what are its benefits?

The azaí palm, huasaí, murrapo palm, manaca palm, naidí, or acaí is a palm tree native to northern South America, known for its nutritional properties of its fruit. Its consumption dates back to pre-Columbian times and it is a very important food in the Amazonian diet. Among the benefits for the body are:

Heart protection

Several research suggests that high dietary fiber consumption is associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular diseases. Professionals point out that the anthocyanins present in açaí have vasodilating effects that help control blood pressure and reduce the formation of blood clots.

Cholesterol reduction

Several nutrition-oriented study centers ensure that açaí can lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels in overweight people, which makes it an important ally for metabolic health.

Antioxidant and neuro protector

In addition to its antioxidant properties, Acai has anti-inflammatory and anti-proliferative effects. It is a source of energy, fiber, minerals and fatty acids, which is why it is considered a functional food that helps prevent various degenerative diseases.

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