Jason Momoa confirmed his romance with Ricardo Arjona’s actress daughter

Jason Momoa confirmed his romance with Ricardo Arjona’s actress daughter

After several speculations about the courtship, the actor published several photos where he is seen very much in love with his colleague.

After two years since his separation with the actress Lisa Bonet, Jason Momoa announced that he is in a relationship with Adria, the daughter of Ricardo Arjona. This revelation was made by the actor through his latest publication on Instagram, where he shared with his followers details of his last trip to Japan and in one of the postcards, he appears at a dinner with several friends, and surrounding the girl with his arms. young.

Although Momoa is one of the most recognized figures in cinema today, Adria is not far behind. She is also an actress by profession, she is 32 years old, and since she participated in the short film Loss in 2012, she followed her path in other important projects such as Narcos, Pacific Titans: The Uprising, Squad 6, True Detective, Unforgettable, Morbiusamong others.


Jason Momoa shared postcards with Adria and friends.

Jason Momoa shared postcards with Adria and friends.

What is known about the romance between Jason Momoa and Adria Arjona

Regarding the love story between the young woman and the Hawaiian, very little is known, taking into account that both always keep their personal lives in a strictly low profile. However, the gossip press had already warned for several weeks about the possibility of a romance on the horizon, suspicions that were later confirmed with the post by the protagonist of Aquaman.

It is believed that the romance between Adria and Jason began while they were working on the Netflix film, sweet girl (2021), although this was never confirmed. In any case, the actor did not seem romantically involved in any relationship, since just in 2020 he had separated from Lisa Bonet and two years later, in 2022, both officially announced it. The revelation of the romance between Arjona and Momoa was widely celebrated on social networks by their followers.

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