The town that will make 8,000 kilos of barbecue and 8,000 liters of locro for May 25: where it is and how to participate

The town that will make 8,000 kilos of barbecue and 8,000 liters of locro for May 25: where it is and how to participate

The week of the May Revolution will be enjoyed with the two most traditional Argentine dishes, so that all residents and visitors can taste them.


The Santiago town of Sumampa will celebrate the IX edition of the National Roast Contest with Leather and Criollo Locro, an event that will attract tourists from all over the country. The contest will take place on May 25 at the Municipal Camping Site, where visitors will be able to enjoy these traditional delicacies.

In addition to the gastronomic offering, attendees will be able to enjoy live music, crafts, dance shows, donkey races and numerous activities for the whole family. The municipal chief, Fernando Bernasconianticipated that the participants will experience a day full of the best flavors of the country.


8 tons of roast are expected to be cooked

8 tons of roast are expected to be cooked

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National roast with leather and locro criollo competition 2024: how to participate

Those interested in participating must meet the following requirements:

  • People from all over the country can participate, forming teams of 2 to 5 memberseither individually or representing a city, institution or company.
  • The team captain must have experience in leather roasting, have a Valid Safe Food Handling Card and a certificate of good health dated May.
  • Registration will be done in person or by telephone until May 20, 2024, while spaces are sold out. Participants must submit a photo of the IDthe food handling license and the certificate of good health, in the categories of grilled, two-burner or oven roasted.


  • First prize: $200,000
  • Second prize: $120,000

Materials and organization

Participants must bring all necessary materials, such as the animal, grill, condiments, utensils, shovels, planks, trays, knives, etc. The organization is not responsible for the loss or breakage of these materials. Each team must choose a captain, who will be responsible for the group and will receive the prize if they win. The organization will provide the space and firewood at no costbut there will be no electricity on the course, so participants will need to be self-sufficient in cooking.


Grillers will be evaluated from the moment they begin preparing the fire. The judges will consider the following aspects:

  • Outfit: Traditional and original clothing will be valued.
  • Utensils: Type of grill, shovels, forks, knives, benches, plates and other elements used.
  • Fire and roast: The way to light the fire, the placement of meat and teamwork.
  • End of the process: State of the meat, cooking, seasoning, color, aroma and flavor of both the thick and thin parts.

The awards They will be announced and awarded starting at 6 p.m. on the main stage. For the locro contest, the conditions of participation are similar to those of the barbecue. Each participant must bring a pot of at least 100 liters and will be evaluated by the jury during preparation. As in the barbecue, the utensils and clothing used will be valued.

How to get to Sumampa, Santiago del Estero

To get to the Santiago town of Sumampatourists can follow this route:

From the city of Santiago del Estero, take the National Route 9 towards the south and then deviate towards the Provincial Route 1. Sumampa is located approximately 150 kilometers south of Santiago del Estero. The trip usually takes around 2 hours, depending on traffic and road conditions.

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