The eyebrow trends for 2024: These eyebrow looks provide more expression

The eyebrow trends for 2024: These eyebrow looks provide more expression

Now discover the most exciting eyebrow trends of summer 2024: Natural, narrow or voluminous – there is something for every taste.

Eyebrows have long been more than just a small detail on the face – they have been a real beauty statement for several years. In summer 2024, the trends will develop towards a fascinating mix of naturalness and daring looks. While many beauty fans continue to rely on natural eyebrows that emphasize individual shape and fullness, statement brows such as Bleached Brows and 90ies Brows provide a strong contrast. There is something for every beauty taste. Here are the three biggest eyebrow trends for 2024.

Feathered Brows

Feathered eyebrows are the epitome of natural elegance. This trend is all about making your eyebrows look like they’ve barely been done, but still styled to perfection. The hairs are gently brushed upwards and set with a transparent gel to create a feathery, soft look. This technique gives the eyebrows an airy lightness that gives the face a fresh and youthful expression. Feathered brows are ideal for anyone who prefers a natural yet well-groomed look.

Nineties eyebrows

The 90s are back – at least when it comes to eyebrows! 90s brows are making a comeback, but with a modern twist. Unlike in the 90s, where thin and over-plucked was the motto, today’s 90s brows are narrow but still natural. The eyebrows are plucked and filled in with an eyebrow pencil in clearly defined lines. This eyebrow shape is perfect for anyone who loves a striking and stylish look that is reminiscent of the icons of the 90s, but still remains contemporary.

Full and fluffy brows

Full and fluffy eyebrows remain an absolute favorite in summer 2024. This trend is all about emphasizing the natural density and texture of the eyebrows. The brows are minimally plucked to maintain their full shape. They are shaped with an eyebrow gel and thus given additional volume. Full and fluffy brows give the face a healthy and lively look and make the eyes shine. This look is ideal for anyone who wants to enhance their natural beauty.

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