Jennifer Lopez reacts to breakup rumor: This is how she answers a reporter’s question

Jennifer Lopez reacts to breakup rumor: This is how she answers a reporter’s question

Rumors of a breakup between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are circulating. Now the actress has made a statement.

For several weeks now, the marriage of Jennifer Lopez (54) and Ben Affleck (51) has been in the public eye. Because the two rarely appear together at the moment, rumors are circulating about an alleged crisis. The actress was now confronted with the speculation at a press conference in Mexico for her new film “Atlas”. She was carried away by a somewhat enigmatic statement.

Jennifer Lopez says: “You know better”

a reporter present shocked the crowd by asking whether the “Ben Affleck rumors” were real. Apparently a little taken aback by the confrontation, Jennifer Lopez tried to quickly put the question behind her with a laugh: “You know better,” she replied in the short video clip.

Meanwhile, Ben Affleck relaxes in California

While his wife is on a press tour for her new film, Ben Affleck was visibly relaxed with a wedding ring on his finger in California. He was eating with a group of friends at the Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Santa Monica on Tuesday evening (May 21st). “He was in great spirits,” reports an insider. “He seemed very relaxed and happy. Everyone was chatting and seemed to be enjoying themselves.”

Another insider reported that Affleck has been busy filming this week, working on a sequel to “The Accountant.” “He’s professional and shows up on set early,” the source said. “He seems focused and ready to get started as soon as he arrives. He looks very happy and is super friendly to everyone on set.”

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have been married since July 2022. In 2021 they got back together as a couple after having been in a relationship from 2002 to 2004. In between, both were married elsewhere – J.Lo to singer Marc Anthony (55), Affleck to actress Jennifer Garner (52).

In Lopez’s recent documentary “The Greatest Love Story Never Told,” she detailed the highs and lows of her rekindled romance with Affleck. She also emphasized that her husband feels “uncomfortable” with publicly displaying his love.

In recent weeks, the couple had only been seen separately: she appeared at the important Met Gala in New York without Affleck, he attended the live event “The Greatest Roast of All Time: Tom Brady” alone. The fact that he is apparently alone in a villa in Brentwood is said to have a harmless reason: He is currently filming “The Accountant 2” there, reported US media.

Source: Stern

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