Elton John: “Secret Album” already recorded

Elton John: “Secret Album” already recorded

After Elton John’s big farewell tour, there will soon be new music from him. This was revealed by his songwriter Bernie Taupin.

British music legend Elton John (77) celebrated his final farewell to the strenuous stage life with a gigantic “Farewell Yellow Brick Road” tour, on which he performed a total of 330 shows between 2018 and 2023. Even if he will no longer be able to be seen live in the future, his fans can still look forward to new hits from the legendary “Rocket Man”. As his long-time songwriter Bernie Taupin (74) has now revealed, a new album by the musician is about to be released.

Songwriter reveals secret about new album

According to one source, Taupin confirmed rumors that have been circulating since February about a new musical masterpiece by Elton John at a songwriter event in London. There he said: “Elton and I have another album that is due to be released soon. Unfortunately, I can’t say too much about it because I’ve been given direct orders to keep it secret.”

According to Bernie Taupin, the new record is already “completely finished and fully recorded”. His further information about the work, which was produced with Elton John, sounds extremely promising. “I think it’s quite brilliant and quite contemporary,” says the songwriter, “and it will certainly surprise a lot of people, delight a lot of people and hopefully be successful.”

Source: Stern

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