8 ways to waste less time cleaning your home

8 ways to waste less time cleaning your home

Home It is a sacred place for many. For others, their workspace. But the majority agree that It must be a clean and tidy place to be able to enjoy it to the fullest.

However, The task of cleaning requires a lot of time and it consumes much of our day. Fortunately, there are certain methods that serve to save time and leave the home impeccable.

Carpet cleaning

Home is a sacred place for many. That is why it is essential to have it clean and tidy.

How to clean the house faster

There is eight shapes to carry out a good cleaning without wasting too much time:

1. Declutter regularly

A messy item means one more obstacle when we are cleaning. That is why spending even a few minutes tidying up all the spaces in the house would speed up cleaning time.

2. From high to low

When cleaning a specific space, be it the kitchen, living room or bedroom, it is recommended to start with the above, that is, shelves and walls, and then continue descending. On the contrary, if we start with the floor there are chances that we will have to clean it again due to the dust that falls from the highest places.

3. Distribution of tasks

Although many people live alone, there are many homes in which an entire family lives, and only one is in charge of this task. That is why, for cleaning to be done faster, it is essential distribute tasks among members of the house. This way, the activity will not be so burdensome for the designated person.

4. Attack stains and spills instantly

Although we may feel tired overcoming us, when something gets stained or we spill something, It is important to clean it immediately. If we don’t do it, it may cost us even more time later, since when this type of dirt dries it tends to stick to the surfaces of the house. We must have specific cleaning elements for this task on hand.

5. Set a cleaning schedule

This can be tedious, but it helps to have better organization in our day. Yeah we set certain schedules for cleaningwe can have more control over our home. You can even divide tasks by day. For example, one day may be cleaning only the bedrooms, while another day may be dedicated to the kitchen.

6. Cleaning elements

To be possible, It is ideal to have good cleaning supplies. This way, we won’t waste so much time redoing cleanings due to the low quality of a product. Many times we fall into the trap of multi-use products, which in the end do not work for any time.

7. Cleaning on the go

There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning and seeing that the plates and cutlery left over from the night before. That is why, even though it costs us, it is better to wash as you go and not risk leaving that task for later.

8. Intensive cleaning

The most challenging time in cleaning is when You have to go into those deep places and difficult areas of the house. We must establish at least two days a week to complete this activity. In any case, some music can always help us through this situation. Allocating 30 minutes for this is enough.

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