Paula Chaves’ reaction after being left out of Bake Off and being replaced by Wanda Nara

Paula Chaves’ reaction after being left out of Bake Off and being replaced by Wanda Nara

The model and host opened up about her feelings after her departure from the pastry reality show.

After its three seasons on the small screen, Bake Off He returns to Telefe in the second half of this year, however, his followers were in for a surprise.

Will not be Paula Chaves who will be in charge of the reality show that is looking for the best amateur pastry chef, but Wanda Nara. After several days of speculation, the model broke into silence.

What Paula Chaves said after being left out of Bake Off

This Wednesday, in dialogue with LAM (América TV), the wife of Pedro Alfonso He opened up and told his reaction when he found out about the production’s decision. “Did it hurt you that you were not called for Bake Off?” asked the notary Santiago Sposato. Although at first she was hesitant, she assured: “Yes, it hurt me.”.

Upon listening to her, the journalist told her that he noticed that “he wanted to ‘scare’ her because she was silent,” and she interrupted him: “No, I just wanted to use another word. I don’t know if she hurt me, it hurts me, but I also understand the situation. ‘It hurt me’, it seems to me that it is more of a side of anger and I am not angry at all, but it is a project that I did for so long that I loved doing, that marked my life and my career a lot, that I am going to to be eternally grateful to the production and Telefe for the opportunity it gave me and so on, but well it’s sad.”

In that sense, he clarified: “Also I understand the situation of the channel, where they had already hired a production, where they had hired a host. and where they had a format that could not be done like MasterChef and well, they ended up doing Bake Off. I have been doing this for many years and I understand those situations.”

Sposato then asked her if she was calm about how she played her role during her participation in the series, to which she responded: “Oh no, no idea. I don’t know and I’m not going to get into that. Only the directors of Telefe know that. I think I did it well and I had a great time doing it and I had fun (…) They were always nice words, both from the channel and from the people, and you people in the media have always given me very good vibes.”

And she added: “I’m not the one who can tell you if I’m not here because they didn’t like my work because of what I’m telling you about: sometimes there are hired drivers and producers and formats have to be created. “That’s television.”

The chronicler launched: “Just with Zaira’s sister (Nara). The sister of his enemy.” Between laughs, Paula closed: “Not an enemy either, no, no. A lot (…) That’s it, life itself.”

It should be remembered that the youngest of the Nara and Chaves were great friends, but they had an argument some time ago, when the former began her romance with Facundo Pieresformerly of the second, and since then they became completely unknown.

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