Trial for the death of Alejandro Cohn: the prosecution requested five years in prison for the doctors

Trial for the death of Alejandro Cohn: the prosecution requested five years in prison for the doctors

The oral trial for the death of Alejandro Cohn It is entering its final stage and this Thursday the allegations by the prosecution and the complaint began in the Courts of San Isidro.

Since 9 a.m. this Thursday, the complaint and the prosecution have filed in front of the judge. Facundo Ocampohead of the Correctional Court No. 4 of San Isidro, the guilt of the nine doctors from the Central Hospital of said town accused of malpractice.

Prosecutor Diego Molina Pico asked to sentence five of the nine doctors accused of the death of Alejandro Cohn, brother of film director Mariano Cohn, to sentences of up to five years in prison. He also requested to open an investigation against the two nurses who were present on duty at the “Melchor Posse” Central Hospital in San Isidro that night on July 27, 2015, when the young man was consciously admitted due to diabetic decompensation and, two days later, Later, he ended up with multiple fractures and brain death.

The debate began on April 16 and during seven hearings various evidence and testimonies from experts and witnesses were presented that will allow the judge to resolve the case.

The doctors who are sitting in the dock accused of the crimes of manslaughter and violation of evidentiary elements are Marcelo Toro Solano, Ana Sánchez, Carla Setti, María Quiroga, María Seijo, Marina Vogelin, Maximiliano Ragazzoli, Darío Campos and Martín Montagna.

Regarding the arguments of the doctors’ lawyers, there are a total of seven since two defend two of the accused, and they will present their arguments next Tuesday, May 28. As in many of these cases, most will ask for the absolution of their clients.

Who was Alejandro Cohn and his death

The 35 year old He had diabetes and was insulin dependent.. On the night of July 27, she was consciously admitted to the ward of the Hospital located at 400 Santa Fe Avenue due to low blood sugar, but she did not receive adequate care. The next day, despite the doctors’ resistance, he was transferred to the Italian Hospital, where passed away on Monday, July 29, 2015 at 8 in the morning.

When the family moved young Cohn, he underwent a thorough examination that determined he had brain death and a set of broken bonesamong them, the ribs and clavicle. The patient also showed signs of blows and a poorly performed tracheostomy. Finally, 48 hours later, they made the difficult decision to pull the plug.

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