This is the best way to clean the floating floor in your house

This is the best way to clean the floating floor in your house

Discover the effective and safe method to keep your floors spotless and shiny without compromising their quality or integrity.

The floating floors They are increasingly popular due to their easy installation and the advantages they offer in terms of dimensional stability and resistance to marks. However, maintaining its beauty and extending its lifespan requires meticulous care, especially during cleaning, where Using harsh chemicals can cause more harm than good.

For this reason, many look for homemade alternatives to keep their floors spotless without compromising their integrity. The best way to clean the floating floor effectively and affordably is apply a mixture of water with black tea, known for its cleaning and disinfecting properties. This combination is ideal for removing dirt and giving shine to floating floors. Using a microfiber clothit can efficiently trap dirt without damaging the surface.


Step by step: how to clean the floating floor

By following this simple cleaning method with homemade ingredients, you can keep your floating floors clean and cared for without compromising their quality or appearance.

  1. Initial preparation: Remove dirt and debris from the floor surface by sweeping or vacuuming.
  2. Preparation of cleaning solution: Boil water in a pot and add four black tea bags. Let it rest for approximately 15 minutes so that the water absorbs the properties of the tea. Mix this infusion with the same amount of hot water in a bowl and stir.
  3. Floor cleaning: Dip a microfiber cloth into the prepared solution and wring out the excess liquid. With the damp cloth, clean the floor using a mop without leaving puddles of water.
  4. Drying: Once you have cleaned the floor, let it dry naturally, avoiding walking on it to avoid marks or stains.

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