Netflix: the Argentine comedy about the delirious double life of a man that lasts 100 minutes

Netflix: the Argentine comedy about the delirious double life of a man that lasts 100 minutes

Crazy Heart is one of the films that amuses viewers because the main character does everything possible to stay with the partners he adores.

Crazy Heart is one of the Argentine films found in the catalog of Netflix. This mixes romance and humor in one story starring Adría Suar. The actor plays a prestigious health worker who is faced with the difficult situation of love both his wives equally. He will try to divide his life between them.

The production It is one of the contents that the streaming platform was able to rescue because its release on theater billboards was abruptly canceled due to the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Since then, Corazón Loco achieved its goal of making thousands of viewers laugh.

What Crazy Heart is about, an Argentine Netflix film

The national film puts us at the feet of Fernando Ferro, a decorated traumatologist who seems to have a dream life. Every day he wakes up next to the woman he adores, has breakfast with the family and goes to his respectable job, but the truth about him is that His life is divided between his two families that he loves equally.

The traumatologist has two partners, two jobs, houses, children and dogs. Fernando Ferro loves Paula and Vera madly. From Monday to Thursday he lives with the first of her, while the second half of the week he is with Vera. The conflict of the film is that The health professional will do everything possible to continue with his farce, without either of his two families finding out.

Trailer for Crazy Heart, Argentine Netflix film

Embed – Crazy Heart | Official trailer | Netflix

Cast of Crazy Heart, Argentine Netflix film

The film starred Adrián Suar, who also co-produced it with Marcos Carnevale. The main cast was complemented by Soledad Villamil and Grabriela Toscano like both partners of the traumatologist. At the same time, other recognized figures also participated, such as: Betiana Blum, Alan Sabbagh and Dario Barassi.

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