How much money does Big Brother raise with votes from the elimination galas?

How much money does Big Brother raise with votes from the elimination galas?

In this note, find out the million-dollar fortune that the Telefe reality star makes every Sunday.

There is less and less time until the 23/24 edition of Big Brother comes to an end. However, little is said about the impressive amount of money generated by the most successful reality show on the national small screen.

On Sundays, in the famous elimination galas that are held at 10 p.m. on Telefe, Big Brother becomes a gold mine. The participants after finishing in a final plate go to the telephone vote where it is “El Supremo” (the public) who decides the fate of the game participants.

Clearly, when making each vote, the public spends a certain amount to eliminate or save (depending on whether the gala has a negative or positive vote), their favorite character. How much money are we talking about?

How much does each public vote cost in Big Brother 2024

There are two ways to vote in Big Brother: on the one hand via text message and on the other Payment Market. Within the first option, each vote sent to 9009 costs $20. However, to vote in the other way it is necessary to first enter the official page of the reality show. Ghargentina.com.ar. Once you have entered the phone number on the site, the page will redirect you to Mercado Pago where you can buy a package of 20 votes in exchange for $500, which would mean $25 per vote.


The reality is that every Sunday the number of votes fluctuates, but they are usually in the millions. If we count the record gala that took place in April between Catalina Gorostidi and Juliana “Furia” Scaglionewhere More than 9 million votes were castit can be said that in that gala approximately 225 million pesos were raised, a sum in dollars that is around 176,470 dollars (priced at blue).

How much will the winner of Big Brother 2024 get?

The exact number of the prize when the competition ends is still unknown, which we will have to wait until July 7, the estimated end date of the reality show. However, it is known that the winning pot will be 50 million pesos plus the interest generated in Mercado Pago.

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