The best tricks to eliminate cigarette smell from home

The best tricks to eliminate cigarette smell from home

Tobacco can stick to different corners of the home and it is very difficult to remove them permanently. Find out here how to remove it.

He cigarette smell It can adhere to different corners of the home and be very difficult to remove. Strong, persistent odors, such as tobacco, can linger in rooms and furniture over time, creating a challenge during cleaning.

Therefore, it is important that if we smoke inside the home, we have a good weekly cleaning to ensure that we are removing even the most impregnated dirt.

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Tricks to get the smell of cigarettes out of the house

Ventilate the furniture

One of the most obvious and effective options is to air out the furniture. If you notice that the furniture in your house has a cigarette smell, try taking it outside for a while to air it out.

Put sand in the ashtray

You need to put sand in the ashtray before or after smoking. The sand helps absorb odors and makes the ashtray easier to clean.

ground coffee

Ground coffee is known for its strong aroma, which can help eliminate the smell of tobacco from the environment. Distribute cups or plates with fresh ground coffee in different parts of your house and let it sit for 24 hours before airing the room.

old diaries

Crumpled newspaper is surprisingly effective at removing strong odors easily. Place crumpled newspaper inside drawers, closets or on furniture surfaces and let it sit for a couple of days to absorb bad odors.

Sodium bicarbonate

Place baking soda in a container or spread it directly on affected furniture to absorb and neutralize cigarette odors. Let it sit for several hours or overnight, and then vacuum.

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