Are Lice Returning? The announcement that excites fans

Are Lice Returning?  The announcement that excites fans

In a striking Instagram post from their new official account, the El Palomar band announced that River’s historic 2009 recital is coming to Spotify.

Lice They launched an official Instagram account in which they announced that the last show the band gave in River on May 30, 2009, reaches platforms on the day that marks 15 years since their separation. However, in the publication They said it was a “lousy ritual” and not the “last ritual” how the show was promoted that year and is popularly recognized by its fans.

Although the official Instagram page only announces that Ritual Piojoso will arrive on Spotify on May 30, the public is already excited.

Embed – Spotify Argentina on Instagram: “Are you ready to revive the Piojoso Ritual? This May 30, Los Piojos publish their historic show at the River Plate Stadium and you can now preview it (link in stories)”

The reunion of Ciro Martínez and Piti Fernández

Last year, a rift that long seemed irreconcilable to some was settled. Ciro Martínez and Piti Fernandez They played together again on the stage of the Vélez Sarsfield stadium in the show The Persiansthe one in which they played in 2004 with Los Piojos and of which we still have fragments on the DVD You can’t see it from afar (2007). This day was key because the separation of Los Piojos, among other things, occurred due to the fight between the front band and the guitarist. Even Piti no longer participated in that River because in 2008 he had left the group to form Flannel.

Everyone who was in Vélez Sarsfield believes that the door of the possible return of Los Piojos began to open, not only because Ciro and Piti got together, but also because Micky Rodriguez (bass guitarist), Dani Buira (drummer) and Chucky from Ipola (keyboardist) are also playing together with their Ritual 87.

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