L-Gante is denounced for possession and sale of drugs

L-Gante is denounced for possession and sale of drugs

A former L-Gante employee declared to the police that the musician sold drugs in dance venues in Greater Buenos Aires and the Federal Capital.

A new complaint falls on Elián Valenzuela, better known as L-Ghent. A ex employee his declared this Friday that the musician received large amounts of drugs at his home, which later sold in clubs in the suburbs and the city of Buenos Aires.

According to the complaint made to the police by this former employee, in the maneuver The musician’s mother, Claudia Valenzuela, and close friends were involved. The drugs (marijuana and cocaine) that arrived at General Rodríguez’s house, in the province of Buenos Aires, were separated into nylon bags and later sold in AMBA dance venues.

For this task, the former employee mentioned that L-Gante once asked him to buy a scale to weigh the drug and divide it. He also said that He left his job last March after threats and attacks received from the musician and those close to him.


L-Gante and his mother Claudia Valenzuela are accused of

L-Gante and his mother Claudia Valenzuela are accused of “drug possession for marketing purposes.”

It is not the first complaint of this type that the musician has received. In the middle of last year, he was detained for three months in the Quilmes DDI for “illegitimate deprivation of liberty and threats” against two neighbors.

Confirmed date for the trial against L-Gante: when will it be and what is he accused of?

The singer will have to face a oral trial for the incident that occurred in May 2023 outside a bowling alley in General Rodríguez. The process will begin on October 8.

The incident would have occurred on May 29, 2023, when He allegedly threatened two residents of General Rodríguez and detained them in his car after they had an encounter with friends of the artist.

The singer is accused of the crimes of “threats, illegal deprivation of liberty, qualified threats, simple possession of narcotics and aggravated concealment“, which contemplate expected penalties higher than those ten years in prison.

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