“Home Alone”: The famous house is for sale

“Home Alone”: The famous house is for sale

A piece of film history could soon change hands. The famous house from “Home Alone” is for sale.

It is just before Christmas in a suburb of Chicago in the US state of Illinois. An eight-year-old boy named Kevin is forgotten at home by his family when they go on holiday to France and has to protect the family home from burglars. Of course: This is “Home Alone” (1990), which has been a real Christmas classic for more than three decades. The film made the house in the small town of Winnetka just as famous as lead actor Macaulay Culkin (43). Now the legendary McAllister residence, which has become a real magnet for tourists and fans of the film, is for sale.

This is how much the “Home Alone” villa costs

As the Wall Street Journal reports, the current residents are not bothered by the regular influx of fans. Nevertheless, they have now decided to put the striking brick house on the market after twelve years – for 5.25 million US dollars. The couple bought the villa in 2012 for 1.585 million dollars, but renovated it extensively.

The 530 square meter house is located in the upscale Chicago suburb of Winnetka on the north shore of Lake Michigan, about 20 kilometers from the metropolis. It was originally built in the 1920s with five bedrooms and six bathrooms, and the property is about half an acre in size.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the couple has changed or renovated some of the house’s famous features. However, they kept the front door and the famous staircase that Kevin rides on. The house also has its own home cinema and an indoor gym with a basketball court.

House has already been rented on Airbnb

The couple had already taken advantage of the fame of their house a few years ago: In December 2021, they offered the original location for one night on the booking platform Airbnb.

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