Panama offers benefits for retirees who want to emigrate: discounts on medicines, food, transportation and more

Panama offers benefits for retirees who want to emigrate: discounts on medicines, food, transportation and more

The country offers the “Pension Visa” plan, which provides benefits and discounts to settle in the Caribbean nation.

It is not only young people who emigrate to enjoy a better living condition. Panama attracts retirees from all over the world to enjoy its tropical beaches during their free time on their retreats. In addition, the Central American country offers benefits to elderly adults to settle in its nation.

Many people They save throughout their lives to travel to their dream destinations during their old age.. This opportunity, retirees will be able to access the Panama Pensioner Visa to enjoy the sun, the sea and the tropical climate for all the time they deserve.

Emigrate to Panama as a retiree: the requirements

In order to settle in the Caribbean country under the Panama Pensioner Visaretirees are required to have a pension for life.

The Central American country detailed the requirements:

  • The retiree must enjoy a monthly pension of at least one thousand US dollarsguaranteed for life.
  • In the event that your retirement is less, but exceeds $750, you have the option of offsetting the remaining amount with a real estate investment of at least a thousand dollars.
  • An additional payment will also be made for dependents.
  • The passport registration must be presented to the National Immigration Service.
  • You will have to attach a certificate of good health issued by a Panamanian doctor.


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Other necessary documentation is:

  • Pension Certification Letter.
  • Certificate of Public Property Registry.
  • Documents supporting the pension, such as proof of payment and certifications from the paying company.
  • Criminal record letter.
  • Marriage or Birth Certificates, if necessary.

Immigrating to Panama as a retiree: what are the benefits

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The country offers an incentive program for retirees, known as “Pensioner Visa”. This is a series of benefits and discounts for retirees They can increase their purchasing power, in a country where the cost of living is affordable. These privileges include savings on services and products, including medications, airfare, entertainment, restaurants, utilities, and more.

Some of them are:

  • 50% discount anywhere in the country in entertainment venues such as: movie theaters, concert halls and sporting events.
  • 30% discount on Bus, Boat and Train fares.
  • 25% discount on air ticket rates.
  • 50% discount on hotel stays from Monday to Thursday.
  • 25% discount in restaurants.
  • 10% discount on prescription medications.
  • 20% discount on medical consultations.
  • 15% discounts on dental and eye exams.
  • 20% discount on professional and technical services.
  • 50% discount on home loan closings.
  • 25% discount on utility bills.
  • 15% discount on loans made in your name.
  • 1% less on mortgages for housing used for personal residence.

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