Netflix: the romantic series based on a best seller that has 45-minute chapters

Netflix: the romantic series based on a best seller that has 45-minute chapters

The affection that the publication acquired for this production made it a new classic among romantic series.

A place to dream It is one of the most successful romantic series in the world. Netflix catalog. This production has one of the most dramatic love stories of today. A young nurse moves to a small town. In this place, she and a cook will fall in love, when he was about to start a family.

The history of the streaming platform adapted from the best-selling book of the same name by Robyn Carr. More and more fans are waiting for the sixth season. This series has a fast pace with its 45-minute chapters and maintains a classic, simple but functional formula for romantic stories.

What is “A Place to Dream” about, Netflix romantic series

The story centers on a nurse named Melinda Monroe, who moves from Los Angeles to a small town in northern California. She seeks to rebuild her life in her new home, after the death of her husband. The tranquility of the town and the local forests contained Melinda until she met Jack.

The latter is the owner of a restaurant, who was about to start another family until he meets the protagonist of A Place to Dream. Previously, Jack was a soldier and the events of wars torment him every day. He needed someone like Melinda. Not only because I am a nurse, but because He begins to heal and fall in love through your listening, care and accompaniment.

Another problem is that The protagonist arrives in town with the job of covering the nursing room., but quickly, you will realize two things. The first is that the doctor who hired her does not want her in her position. The second is that the entire town community acts like a family. The special thing about the series is that many of these characters will have a dramatic background that will keep the viewer waiting to reveal the town’s secrets.

Trailer for “A Place to Dream”, Netflix romantic series

Embed – A Place to Dream Season 1 Trailer

Cast of “A Place to Dream”, Netflix romantic series

The series was created by Sue Tenney and its main cast is starred by:

  • Alexandra Breckenridge
  • Martin Henderson
  • Tim Matheson

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