Netflix: the Italian drama and horror series that has short chapters

Netflix: the Italian drama and horror series that has short chapters

Curon is one of the horror series on the streaming platform that stands out for taking up real scenarios and Italian folklore legends.

Curon is one of the horror series that takes up the folkloric legends of an abandoned town in Italy to adapt them for Netflix. The production creates a cold and dark atmosphere, where a woman will return to her hometown with her children. Although her father doesn’t seem happy to house them in a supposedly cursed hotel.

The iconic scenery of the flooded bell tower from the series is a real building. It is located in South Tyrol, in Italy. It was submerged in water by a reservoir that was built in the area and which had to move the town that was there. The inhabitants tried to prevent it, they even went to the Pope, but today only the tip of the church is visible in the middle of the water. This building attracts hundreds of tourists and, over the years, Stories began to form about paranormal events that form around the bell tower.

What is Curon, an Italian Netflix series, about?

The series on the streaming platform develops at a frenetic pace during only seven chapters. In them, Ana will return with her two children to her hometown. She stays at her father’s hotel, although she is warned by the supposed curses in the place. Despite the drama and family conflicts of living together and her return, the real danger arises when she disappears.

Both brothers will undertake a relentless search to find their mother. They will mature in their mission to face the horrors that they will have to go through until they reach their objective. In the middle of it, They will learn dark family secrets. As they will also reveal the mysteries that the town hides. The interesting thing about this town is that it will develop almost like a character, despite the short duration, viewers will become familiar with each of its areas and what each of them protects.

Trailer for Curon, Italian Netflix series

Embed – Curon | Official trailer | Netflix

Cast of Curon, Italian Netflix series

The series was co-created by Ezio Abbate, Giovanni Galassi and Tommaso Matano. The family that takes center stage and returns to the town is played by:

  • Valeria Bilello
  • Marguerita Morchio
  • Federico Russo

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