Who will be the new driver of 100 Argentinos Dicen to replace Darío Barassi

Who will be the new driver of 100 Argentinos Dicen to replace Darío Barassi

Find out who could be in charge of one of the funniest programs that Argentine television had in recent years.

It is a fact. Return to the screen Channel 13 one of the most watched entertainment programs in recent years: 100 Argentines Say. From 2020 to 2023, the program was led by the charismatic host Dario Barassi. The television success was such that the program won two Martín Fierro awards for “Best Entertainment Program” in 2021 and 2022.

Now, after a few months of being off the air, El Trece is preparing to return to the fray with 100 Argentinos Dicen, but this time without its star host: Who will be in charge in this new edition?

El Trece: who will be the host of 100 Argentinos Dicen in 2024

The reality is that there is still no official confirmation about who the new driver will be. However, the list of possibilities has already been announced. First of all, the names of Federico Balwho is doing 1D2, and Julian Weichsomeone with a great career making formats similar to 100 Argentinos Dicen.

However, the entertainment journalist, Pablo Montagna, quickly denied the rumors and presented other possible drivers, such as Jenny Iturriaga, Jorgelina Aruzzi, Rodrigo Lussich, Johanna Francella, Dario Orsi and José María Listorti. In addition, Josefina Pouso She confirmed on her networks that the channel called her to participate in the new edition of the program, but did not provide details of her role.

The truth is that there is still nothing concrete regarding the new possible driver or the schedule, although as revealed by the journalist he would go between 4 and 5 p.m. from Monday to Friday due to a restructuring that will be carried out on the Canal Trece grid.

El Trece: which program will be canceled

According to the new strategic changes that the channel is evaluating, there are programs that will be extended and another that will be canceled. In addition to the confirmation of the new edition of 100 Argentinos Dicen, Montagna revealed that Cuestión de Peso and Poco Correctos will have a longer schedule, while 1DE2, a program hosted by Roberto Moldavsky and now in the hands of Federico Bal, will be removed from the afternoons of El Trece.

With these changes to the grid, Canal Trece seeks to once again have preponderance in the afternoons of national television. Now we just have to wait to find out what day and who will lead the success of 100 Argentinos Dicen.

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