Amsterdam: Police stop rapper Nicki Minaj at the airport

Amsterdam: Police stop rapper Nicki Minaj at the airport

Nicki Minaj is probably the most successful rapper in the world and is currently touring Europe. Now one of her performances is in danger of being canceled. The reason is that she has drugs in her luggage.

US rapper Nicki Minaj (41) was stopped and checked by police at Amsterdam airport for drug possession. A spokesman for the airport only spoke of the detention of “an American woman”. Minaj herself confirmed this on the platform X and spoke of joints. Her bodyguard explained that they belonged to him. “By the way, this is Amsterdam, where smoking weed is legal,” she wrote.

Minaj was travelling by private plane and made a stopover in Amsterdam. A performance in Manchester, England, was planned for her “Pink Friday 2” tour – in June she will also perform in Cologne and Berlin.

But now the star suspected a conspiracy: “They’re getting paid a lot of money to try to sabotage my tour because so many people are angry that it’s so successful and they’re not getting anything.”

She keeps in constant contact with her fans, known as “Barbz,” via social networks. More than 28 million users follow her on X, and more than 229 million on Instagram. The musician, who was born in Trinidad and Tobago in South America and lives in the USA, became famous in 2010 with the album “Pink Friday.”

Source: Stern

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