Rapper Nicki Minaj was arrested for drug possession at Amsterdam airport

Rapper Nicki Minaj was arrested for drug possession at Amsterdam airport

The Trinidadian-American singer recorded the moment on video and shared it on social networks, where she also updated what the police were telling her.

The rapper Nicki Minaj was arrested by the police Amsterdam upon arrival at Netherlands for supposedly ”carry drugs”according to a video she apparently took and posted to her Instagram Live on Saturday afternoon before the European leg of her ”Pink Friday 2” world tour.

Minaj, a 12-time Grammy nominee, posted a video on her Instagram account that appears to show a police officer in Amsterdam saying that she was being detained for ”transporting drugs” and asking her to get into a police vehicle.

The singer rejected the claim while speaking with the officer, explaining in the film record that she “wasn’t carrying drugs” and pleading to have her “lawyer present” with her.

The officers in the video then told Minaj they would help take her to her ”show”: Minaj has planned to perform in ManchesterEngland, on Saturday night, with a show on Sunday in Birmingham and three more performances in the UK next week.

In a second video posted on Instagram, an official appears to tell him that the police “I would unload all the luggage” and “register everything.”

What Nicki Minaj said on social media

Minaj then made a post on X (formerly Twitter) where she explained that she ”they said they found marijuana”, and added that “they took my suitcases without consent.” Then, He appeared to admit that there was marijuana but that it belongs to his security personnel.

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Minaj also wrote on X that ”filming everything made them very angry” and stated that his plane ”was scheduled to depart ago [dos] hours”, appearing to refer to his flight to England.

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