Tobias Künzel, what makes a prince? An interview on his 60th birthday.

Tobias Künzel, what makes a prince? An interview on his 60th birthday.

All-round talent Tobias Künzel became known with the group “Die Prinzen”. star He talks about how the band feels today and what he wants for his 60th birthday.

Tobias Künzel, your first band was called Puma, the abbreviation stood for Punk Machine, how much punk is still in you today?
In 1978, punk meant revolution and protest. I was fourteen at the time. In the 90s, punk developed into something that was asocial. I had nothing to do with that anymore. Musically at least, punk is now mainstream. So in that sense, there is a lot of it in me.

Does a certain punk attitude help when looking at the big birthday? How does it feel to be approaching 60?
I get reminded of this birthday all the time by all sorts of people. Otherwise I wouldn’t even think about it, so I don’t need to be in a special mood.

Are there any plans for the holiday?
Attention, here follows the shortest answer of this interview: No.

“Susanne, never eat garlic again!” was the chorus line of your breakthrough single – it could have come from Die Ärzte or Fettes Brot, right?
You can’t really call it a breakthrough. With my solo number “Susanne” I thought it was really funny to sing comedy lyrics in a clear pop voice to an elaborately produced number in the style of a band like Chicago. Unfortunately not many people could laugh as much as I did. Maybe I was ahead of my time, or maybe it wasn’t that funny after all. My first really big hit in the East was “Komm’ doch mit (zu ‘nem Ritt auf dem Sofa)” by my band Amor & Die Kids. I played drums and wrote the songs in this band.

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