Angelo Kelly: Proud post after Gabriel’s “Let’s Dance” victory

Angelo Kelly: Proud post after Gabriel’s “Let’s Dance” victory

Gabriel Kelly has won “Let’s Dance”. On Instagram, his father Angelo thanked professional dancer Malika Dzumaev for this success.

Angelo Kelly (42) is bursting with pride in his son Gabriel Kelly (22). The musician won the 17th season of “Let’s Dance” on May 24th with the highest score. “Gabriel, you have always given 100 percent in the last few months and have remained yourself! We are so proud of you,” his father acknowledged this success in a .

Gabriel’s professional dancer Malika Dzumaev (33) made a significant contribution to this “wonderful ‘Let’s Dance’ season”. “Thank you, dear Malika, for introducing our son Gabriel to the world of dance so lovingly! Young people need mentors in life outside of the family,” stressed Angelo Kelly, who became famous as the youngest sibling of the Kelly Family. He was “grateful” to Dzumaev for taking his son by the hand.

Malika Dzumaev is also touched

Malika Dzumaev, for whom the victory in the dance show is the first after three participations, was emotional. “I will always remember this time because it was so beautiful! I am so proud of Gabriel! He did it with his heart and that is what counts!” she commented under the post. She thanked Angelo Kelly and his wife Kira Harms Kelly (44) for “the values ​​that you have taught him as a son and a person”.

Gabriel Kelly, who competed in the final against Detlef D! Soost (53) and Jana Wosnitza (30), had emerged as the favorite from the start. He secured the maximum score of 30 points for his dance nine times. A “deep connection” has developed between the German-Irishman and his dance partner, says Dzumaev. The two want to stay in touch even after the show, and Gabriel Kelly is even considering booking private lessons with her in Bremen and spending his entire “Let’s Dance” fee on that.

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