Netflix: the suspense film with disturbing murders that lasts less than 2 hours

Netflix: the suspense film with disturbing murders that lasts less than 2 hours

It is one of the hidden films on the platform because the police thriller had little success upon its release but was adopted by fans of the genre.

In the catalog of Netflix We can find some of the gems of cinema that did not enjoy great popularity when they were released. This was the case of Premonition or Solace, by its original title in English. It is one of the hidden movies of the platform that surprises users with its history of supernatural thriller.

It is a film starring Anthony Hopkins, who was born as a spiritual sequel to Seven. This production mixes the classic characteristics of serial killer stories but gives it a refreshing air by mixing them with strange supernatural powers that will be used in the investigations of the murders.

The connection with the iconic film arises because Premonition began to be written in 2002, by Ted Griffin. The script was later taken over by New Line, who had worked on Seven. They saw that the story was similar and changed its content to make it The detective who faced the seven deadly sins awakens psychic powers as side effects of the traumas that remained. But this idea was buried until 2016, when its foundations were resumed to make a new title.

What is it about Premonition, Netflix movie

The film hidden within the Netflix catalog tells the story of two police officers following the clues of a serial killer. This is one of the most difficult and horrible cases of their careers. The criminal mutilated several people, in an indescribable way, and escaped almost without leaving any clues.

Unable to keep up with him, they go to contact a retired detective, John Clancy, who has psychic powers that help him interpret the killer’s messages. But his skills are not enough for them because he discovers that the criminal also has abilities like his.

Premonition trailer, Netflix movie

Embed – Premonition – Spanish Trailer (HD)

Cast of Premonition, Netflix movie

The movie directed by Afonso Poyart It has a set of stars. The story stars Anthony Hopkinswho the paranormal detective, John Clancy. The police are Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Abbie Cornish. While Colin Farrel, Jordan Woods-Robinson and Marley Shelton complement the cast.

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