Heinz Hoenig is doing well after esophageal surgery

Heinz Hoenig is doing well after esophageal surgery

Heinz Hoenig has survived his first major operation. His wife Annika reports in an interview about a long road to recovery – and hope.

Heinz Hoenig is fighting. The actor has already had his first major operation – his esophagus was removed using a complicated procedure. It is only the first step on the 72-year-old’s arduous journey; the major aorta operation is still pending. His wife Annika is always by his side, however – and has now spoken in an interview about her husband’s health.

“Heinz is doing well considering the circumstances,” she said in an interview with “Bild”. Both the doctors and the whole family are happy with the result of the operation and are confident, reports the 39-year-old. “Despite the high risk, Heinz survived the operation well” – also thanks to the “fantastic doctors”.

Heinz Hoenig’s long healing journey

Hoenig himself is not yet able to speak again, he is currently in intensive care. With speech therapy, he is now supposed to slowly learn to speak again. “Heinz can talk, although only very quietly so far,” says his wife Annika. This is no surprise given the operation that the actor, who became known through “Das Boot” and was most recently seen in the jungle camp, underwent. Hönig’s esophagus was removed. Instead, he now has an artificial outlet for saliva and is fed via a tube.

The fact that the operation was possible at all is thanks to a generous fundraising campaign. Because the jungle darling has no health insurance, his wife Annika collected donations to save her loved one’s life – and was successful. So far, 168,000 euros have been raised. The donation goal is 500,000 euros. The next step is to operate on the TV star’s aorta.

However, it could take some time until Hoenig has the strength back for such an operation. So the motto for now is: wait and keep fighting. For the Hönigs, this is now everyday life, as his wife Annika explains: “My husband has accepted his ‘fate’ very well so far and has come to terms with everything. He is incredibly grateful to the doctors and nursing staff and is always optimistic. I really admire that about him.”


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