This is the best way to wash black clothes that do not fade.

This is the best way to wash black clothes that do not fade.

There are different tricks to avoid damaging this type of clothing during the washing process. I discovered the best.

never missing the color black inside anyone’s wardrobe and has the advantage that it can be combined with any other color very easily. Furthermore, the black is synonymous with elegance and it works for both outfits sober and casual as for a look more refined.

However, sometimes it is challenging to maintain that same tone black that a garment had when we first bought it after a series of washes.

black and white couple

Black clothes combine with all colors.

Black clothes combine with all colors.


How to wash black clothes so that they do not fade

Fortunately, there are some tricks that help you wash black clothes without damaging them.

Coarse salt: the ally of black clothing

An element that surprisingly can be essential for the black color not to fade is coarse salt. The technique is as simple as adding 125 grams of salt in the wash cycle in the water and not where the detergent goes.

Other tricks for washing black clothes

If you do not have salt, there are some alternatives to be able to effectively wash black clothes. First, it is ideal separate clothes by color for washing.

Likewise, everything that is black It should be washed in the opposite way to the restthat is, you have to use cold water. In addition, you should use a soap for delicate garments and then let them dry outdoors, but do not let the sun hit them directly, as this could cause them to fade.

On the other hand, another option may be to add 250 milliliters of distilled white vinegar in the water part during the wash cycle. You can even put it 500 milligrams of coffee to water in the same format.

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