Hot springs, lagoon and sports of all kinds: the hidden paradise of Mendoza a few kilometers from Las Leñas

Hot springs, lagoon and sports of all kinds: the hidden paradise of Mendoza a few kilometers from Las Leñas

There are times when the names of cities do not honor the attractions they have or offer. But in the case of a small town within the municipality of Malargue, Mendozacomplies to the letter.

Is about beautiful valley and just as the adjective of its name says, there is not an ounce of ugliness in everything that can be seen and done there.


A lake, mountains and hot springs in the same place

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What to do in Valle Hermoso, Mendoza

The lagoon is the central point, but the Cobre and Tordillo rivers They flow across the landscape, adding the perfect touch of water to a dreamlike scene. There is a designated camping area, with a very affordable entrance fee per tent, although there are also ideal places to camp for free. Additionally, for the enjoyment of visitors, there are designated areas to make a fire and enjoy a unique barbecue. There are also bathrooms and a restaurant that offers typical mountain cuisine.

The way to beautiful valley It is completely paved until Las Leñas. From there, it is recommended to continue in high vehicles due to the large number of stones of considerable size. Motorcycles or trucks are the ideal options. However, with patience, it can also be done by regular car.

It is important to take the wind into account. Despite being surrounded by mountains, this phenomenon blows strongly most of the day. It is essential to be prepared to deal with it, since it is part of the nature of the place.

Framed by the mountain range, beautiful valley It dazzles from the moment you arrive. Nature shows its wildest side, with the small lagoon capturing all eyes and generating doubts about its real existence. Valle Hermoso has a natural viewpoint called “El Centinela”located 2000 meters above sea level, offering privileged views.

After enjoying this panoramic view, it is best to approach the lagoon, descending a winding path that adds excitement to the descent, and spend the day surrounded by pure nature. Valle Hermoso is made up of two lagoonseach competing in beauty and environment.

In the first lagoon, you can practice watersports without motor, rent boats, surfboards, kayaks and canoes, enjoying the beautiful landscape. You can also explore the surroundings by bicycle or horseback, fly fishing, trekking and climbing. The options are unlimited.

For enthusiasts of trekking, a visit to the petroglyphs is essential. These rocks preserve engravings of the native peoples of the area, which are intimately connected with the constellations.

From Valle Hermoso, horseback riding excursions can also be organized to carry out the Sanmartiniano crossing in the Andes Mountains, although a full week is required for this adventure. This tour was carried out by one of the columns of the San Martín Army on its journey to Chile.

Valle Hermoso is a haven of calm, where enjoying, doing activities and relaxing are the rules. Accessing this place is to experience the taste of a challenge accomplished after the journey to get there, and to feel that nature is at our disposal to make each day magical.

Mendoza: how to get to Valle Hermoso from Las Leñas

The most direct way to get from Las Leñas to Valle Hermoso is through the Provincial Route 222until joining with the National Route 40. Then go almost 40 kilometers to the south, you access the municipality of Malargüe and continue two kilometers along Av. Julio Argentina Roca.

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