Brigitte Macron: Why the First Lady doesn’t care about fashion rules

Brigitte Macron: Why the First Lady doesn’t care about fashion rules

Brigitte Macron and her husband Emmanuel are 24 years apart, but the French president’s wife doesn’t make a big deal about the age difference. Quite the opposite. At public appearances, the former teacher uses her style to underline how fashion-conscious she is at 71. The oft-quoted rule “dress your age” doesn’t affect her. Unlike many ministers and politicians’ wives, she doesn’t wear skirts that fall around the knee at receptions, but rather ones that end well above the knee. Her long, slim legs are her trademark. The same goes for the high heels, without which she would probably never leave the Élysée Palace.

Her look inspires many women who see her as a style role model. Some people therefore forgive Macron for always appearing in expensive luxury fashion. At official events, she usually wears dresses and suits by Louis Vuitton. The Première Dame is close friends with creative director Nicolas Ghesquière, and she also has a close connection with LVMH boss Bernard Arnault, whose group also owns Louis Vuitton. He is considered a great supporter of her husband Emmanuel Macron.

Since luxury fashion is a major industry in France, the wives of French presidents have always treated expensive clothing differently. Bernadette Chirac often wore Chanel, and Carla Bruni-Sarkozy wore Dior. Macron’s Louis Vuitton dresses are always special, decorated with buckles and glitter details, but they never push themselves into the foreground. A trait that also suits Brigitte Macron.

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