Forbidden Passion, Telefe’s new Turkish novel: what it is about and who the actors are

Forbidden Passion, Telefe’s new Turkish novel: what it is about and who the actors are

Find out what this foreign novel is about that promises to captivate everyone in the afternoons of the national small screen.

Telefe started promoting his new Turkish novel, Forbidden passiona production that promises to heat up the afternoons of the Canal de las Pelotas with a cast full of faces familiar to the Argentine public.

Although an official premiere date has not yet been announced, the soap opera is expected to debut the first week of June, joining the successful imported fictions such as Melissa and All for my home.

What Forbidden Passion is about, a Turkish novel by Telefe

Forbidden passion is a novel that combines elements of the classic soap opera with the intense drama of the soap opera, offering a groundbreaking narrative for Turkish traditions. The plot focuses on the lives of two sisters, Yildiz and Zeynepwho, despite their initial closeness, begin to take different paths because of their aspirations and values.

Zeynepthe youngest, is a young woman with strong ethical values and a dream of social justice, while Yildiz is determined to marry a rich man that allows you to escape from your shortcomings. The story takes an unexpected turn when a high society woman, Ender Celebioffers Yildiz a sum of money to seduce her husband, Halit Argun, with the aim of proving her infidelity and securing a favorable divorce agreement.


With its original title Yasak Elma (retitled in several countries as Forbidden fruit, Original sin either Forbidden passion), the Turkish series quickly introduces the characters and their conflicts. From the beginning, the viewer witnesses Ender’s proposal to Yildiz in a luxurious restaurant, while Zeynep, in contrast, humbly works on the land, representing two opposite worlds.

The duality between Yildiz’s excessive ambitions and Zeynep’s unquestionable ethics offers a rich painting of characters and situations. This triple female protagonism reflects a change in Turkish productions, adapting to modern times and attracting a global audience.

Cast of Forbidden Passion, a Turkish Telefe novel

Forbidden passion features the participation of actors well known to fans of Turkish novels in Argentina, such as Onur Tuna and Murat Aygen (of Doctor Miracle), Nesrin Cavadzade (of Family love) and Ebru Sahin (of Hercai). This series has toured more than 30 countries since its debut in Turkey in 2018 and consists of 117 episodes. In Argentina, it is likely that Telefe will adapt the number of episodes, as it has done on other occasions.

With Pasión Prohibida, Telefe reinforces its offer of international dramas, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats with stories full of passion, betrayal and unexpected surprises.

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