Lily Allen confesses: Husband David Harbour checks her cell phone

Lily Allen confesses: Husband David Harbour checks her cell phone

Singer Lily Allen wants to preserve her creative energy: That’s why her husband David Harbour has control over her smartphone apps.

For some couples, this is an absolute no-go, but for Lily Allen (39) it is even a voluntary wish: As the singer revealed, her husband David Harbour (49) checks her smartphone. The reason for this is her own belief that the use of smartphones in everyday life has a negative effect on her own creativity as an artist.

In an interview with the Sunday Times and her friend Miquita Oliver (40), Allen explains: “The creative side of my brain has been ruined by my smartphone. I feel like everyone feels the same way.” She doesn’t know anyone who says that the quality of life has improved because of the smartphone. “I think it has destroyed us as a species. It’s terrible that they are designed to be addictive.”

Lily Allen and David Harbour control each other

With this in mind, Lily Allen and David Harbour have apparently decided to protect each other from the negative impact of smartphones on their lives. “I now have a children’s phone called Pinwheel. You can’t surf the web or use social media with it, but Uber and Spotify work. My husband is the phone’s custodian, so he controls which apps I can have on my phone. In return, I am the controller of his phone. Because they are made for children, he is my parent and I am his,” she explains in an interview and jokes: “What is your child’s name? David, 50 years old.”

She also took away the smartphones of her two daughters Ethel (12) and Marnie (11) from her relationship with ex-husband Sam Cooper (46) after reading in a book that children should not use these devices until they are 14 years old.

Since mid-March, Lily Allen and British TV presenter Miquita Oliver have been releasing new episodes of their podcast “Miss Me?” twice a week, which they record in their respective homes in Brooklyn and London. With their discussions on sensitive topics, the women regularly make it into the top ten of the British podcast charts.

In the “Times” interview, Oliver had only positive words for Lily Allen’s husband: “He makes her laugh. Lily loves to giggle. From the first second I met David, I appreciated his energy. He’s very nice. And he really, really likes her.” The singer and the “Stranger Things” star have been married since September 2020.

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