Arde la Sangre presented his third single from his next album “El Ojo del Hurricane”

Arde la Sangre presented his third single from his next album “El Ojo del Hurricane”

The band continues to preview their new material and will also review all their great classics at their next show at the Vorterix Theatre.

The Blood Burns releases the third single from his next album “The eye of the hurricane”. It is a powerful song with a forceful riff that runs through it and is combined with an intense and captivating harmonic atmosphere. In the midst of these stormy times, music has always been a place where many find refuge.

As the third preview of Arde la Sangre’s second album, “El Ojo del Hurricane” shows the evolution and growth of the band.

Arde la Sangre is presented at the Vorterix Theater on June 15.

About Blood Burns

Arde la Sangre began its career in the middle of 2020, composing and giving life to its first album “La Cura”, released in 2021, with which the band began its first tour, performing live throughout Argentina, with an impressive debut in the Opera Theater of Buenos Aires, surprising both the public and critics, obtaining the best recognition, winning the category “Heavy Rock Punk” for best album at the prestigious Gardel awards.

In 2022 the shows continued, highlighting participation with the bands “Kiss” and “Slipknot” in Buenos Aires. That same year they released an EP of four songs called “Rompiendo Silencias”, demonstrating an evolution in composition and sound, where the songs “Aguantar” and “El Reino Maldito” stood out with their respective video clips (Penumbrart). In addition to continuing their national presentation tour, they made their first visit to Chile with the band Alectrophobia, touring 5 cities.

In 2023, the band presented two new singles “Odbc” with the participation of the singer “Miny” singer of the band “Post 20” from San Juan and “Espejo Roto” where they continue to surprise with their constant evolution in their sound and standing out as one of the most innovative and original bands on the Latin American rock scene in recent times. These two songs are a preview of their next album that will be released in mid-2024.

Also, as a highlight in 2023, the band participated in the show “Evanescence” which took place at the Movistar Arena, a closing of the year at the Vorterix Theater and participation in the Floufest Festival in the City of Asunción (Paraguay).

Notably Marcelo “Corvata” Corvalan founder of ANIMAL Y together with Hernán “Tery” Langer from Carajo, two of the most important and influential bands of the Latin American heavy metal scene.

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