Thomas Gottschalk: Declaration of war on Kim Kardashian

Thomas Gottschalk: Declaration of war on Kim Kardashian

Thomas Gottschalk celebrates a milestone on Instagram with a dig at Kim Kardashian.

Thomas Gottschalk (74) is celebrating a milestone on Instagram. The presenter has broken the 100,000 follower barrier on the social media platform. Gottschalk is celebrating the round number with a . He proudly wrote “100,000 followers” on a self-portrait.

Will Thomas Gottschalk become an influencer in his old age? Although he has never made a secret of the fact that he has no interest in the new stars that have flooded social media.

Thomas Gottschalk is hot on Kim Kardashian’s heels

Gottschalk is celebrating the milestone with a swipe at Kim Kardashian (43) – who represents the new reality stars like no other. “Now I know why Kim Kardashian has been so pale lately, I’m hot on her heels!” said the former “Wetten, dass..?” presenter on Instagram. “In 100 years it will be 30 million, in 1000 years 300 and in 1500 years I’ll have completely left her behind…”, Gottschalk calculates.

According to his calculations, it would actually take a little over 1,000 years. Kim Kardashian is currently followed by 362 million people on Instagram. However, this puts the reality TV icon only in eighth place in the Insta charts. At the top is the official Instagram account itself, with 672 followers. This is followed by footballers Cristiano Ronaldo (39) with 628 million and Lionel Messi (36) with 502 million followers.

The German celebrity with the most followers is also a footballer. Toni Kroos has 45 million fans on Instagram. In comparison, the late-blooming influencer Gottschalk is a small fry. For now.

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