Unwanted desire to have children: Carmushka writes her frustration out of her soul

Unwanted desire to have children: Carmushka writes her frustration out of her soul

Carmen Kroll, also known as Carmushka, wrote about her worries on Instagram. The influencer would like to have a second child, but so far her wish remains unfulfilled.

It is a topic with which Carmen Kroll, alias Carmushka, will probably strike a chord with many people online, especially other women. On Instagram, the influencer revealed that she would like to have a second child, but that her wish to have children has so far remained unfulfilled.

Carmen “Carmushka” Kroll shares her unfulfilled desire to have children

“I am now sharing this part of my life publicly. It scares me, but it also makes some things easier for me. I can now say what I need and what I can’t use without beating around the bush,” she writes in her post. She also shares in several slides what is currently helping her and what isn’t. “Peace and quiet (my inner peace and that of those around me)” are her top priority. People who listen, consideration, patience and therapy also help her in the current situation. The influencer also says that exchanging ideas with other affected people helps.

She would not support reading up on forums about wanting children. Nor would it be helpful to look for “forced solutions”. Kroll also lists the sayings she often hears that are not helpful. “Everything happens for a reason”, “It will work next time”, “You already have one” are just three examples of several that the influencer cites.

She has adenomyosis

Carmushka received a lot of support in the comments under her post. “I think it’s so nice that you share it – because then others don’t feel alone,” writes one user. With more than a million followers, Carmushka is one of the most successful influencers in German-speaking countries. The entrepreneur has been married since 2018 and became a mother to a daughter in August 2020. It was only in April that the influencer shared her diagnosis of adenomyosis, a form of endometriosis.

source: Instagram Carmushka

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