Mike Tyson suffers a medical emergency during a flight

Mike Tyson suffers a medical emergency during a flight

Apart from an exhibition fight, Mike Tyson hasn’t been in the ring for over 15 years. In the summer, he wants to fight a much younger YouTuber. But two months before the date, an incident occurs on a flight.

Former heavyweight world champion Mike Tyson (57) wants to get back into the ring in less than two months. However, during a flight from Miami to Los Angeles, an incident occurred involving the boxer, as several US media outlets unanimously report. Tyson had to receive medical attention.

A spokesman suggests that the worst is over for the athlete. “Fortunately, Mr. Tyson is fine,” said the professional boxer’s representative. About 30 minutes before the plane landed, Tyson became dizzy and nauseous due to a flare-up of a stomach ulcer. Tyson is grateful to the medical staff who helped him on board the plane.

Mike Tyson: Controversial return to the ring

The incident occurred just a few weeks before a much-discussed fight that is scheduled to take place on July 20 at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Tyson will then face YouTuber and boxer Jake Paul (27). Both have caused controversy and scandals outside the ring in the past. The clash will not only be shown in the Dallas Cowboys’ home stadium, which has 80,000 seats, it will also be streamed live via Netflix.

“He has developed considerably as a boxer over the years,” he said. It will be fun to see what the ambitions and will of a “child” can do against his skills and experience. He described himself as the “GOAT”, i.e. the “Greatest Of All Time”.

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