Sylvie Meis congratulates on her 18th birthday: Proud congratulations on Instagram

Sylvie Meis congratulates on her 18th birthday: Proud congratulations on Instagram

Sylvie Meis celebrates her son Damián van der Vaart’s 18th birthday on Instagram: She congratulates her child with emotional words.

As a mother, Sylvie Meis (46) has every reason to celebrate: she congratulates her son Damián van der Vaart on his 18th birthday with emotional words. She wrote on a carousel of pictures: “Happy 18th birthday to my incredible son! I am very proud of the fantastic young man you have become: Dami!”

“You will always be my little boy”

The presenter is particularly enthusiastic about her son’s career choice: “Your dedication to your craft and your dream of becoming a professional footballer is truly inspiring. But what makes me even prouder is the kind and loving person you have become. Your heart is full of compassion and empathy and you bring joy to everyone around you.”

Although her son is now officially an adult, she still wants to be there for him as a mother: “Even if your size suggests otherwise, you will always be my little boy, no matter what happens. Continue to grow into that strong, confident and capable person who makes a difference in the world.”

Girlfriend Romy also congratulates on Instagram

In the days before, Sylvie Meis had already posted photos in her Instagram story showing her on a trip with Damián and his girlfriend Romy Gentile (15). She also congratulated her boyfriend on his 18th birthday: “Happy birthday to my dearest friend. You mean everything to me. Already 18 years old. Here’s to hopefully many more wonderful years together.”

Damián van der Vaart has been under contract with Ajax Amsterdam as a football player in the U-18 team since September 2023. Since then, he has lived in the Dutch capital, where he apparently also met his current girlfriend. Before that, he lived with his father Rafael van der Vaart (41) in Denmark due to his football career. His mother was married to the former Dutch football professional from 2005 to 2013. Rafael van der Vaart also started his professional career as a teenager at Ajax Amsterdam.

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