Telefe decided not to renew a successful host: “It hurt me”

Telefe decided not to renew a successful host: “It hurt me”

Find out who is the celebrity whom the channel decided not to take into account for the making of a successful reality show.


With Big Brother soon to go off the air due to the end of the competition, Telefe He is already producing the new reality show with which he hopes to keep his entire audience entertained. Although very few details are known about this program, it is already a reality that Bake Off returns to Argentine screens.

With the news of the fourth edition on the air (the previous ones were in 2018, 2020 and 2021), fans began to speculate that Paula Chavez She was going to be the leader of the new cycle as she was at the time. However, days ago it was confirmed that Telefe decided that the famous host would not be in charge in this new edition of the program.


Who will host the new season of Bake Off on Telefe

After the unfortunate news for Paula became known, the channel’s new host came out to make her opportunity in this new cycle of Bake Off official. Telefe production decided that Wanda Nara carries out the new edition of the reality show: “Yes, I am very happy and grateful to Telefe for trusting me as a host and for giving me the most beautiful formats.”

“It reassures me to know that I have a contract to drive it next year,” Mauro Icardi’s wife commented after her time as host of Master Chef during 2023.

What Paula Chaves said about her absence in Bake Off 2024

In the midst of the controversy, the former reality show host came out to talk about the matter. In an interview with LAM Paula Chávez confessed her feelings after Telefe gave her the thumbs down for hosting the new edition of Bake Off: “It hurted me. I wanted to use another word because it hurts me, but I also understand the situation. ‘It hurt me’ seems to come from a place of anger but I’m not angry at all. It’s a project I’ve been doing for so long.I loved doing it and it marked a lot in my life and career“.

Likewise, Chávez highlighted her gratitude to the channel: “I will be eternally grateful to Telefe for the opportunity it gave me, but obviously it is sad. I understand the situation of the channel, which already had a production contract, a host, who were to make a format that could not be done like MasterChef and they end up doing Bake Off with all the hired equipment. It’s logical, I’ve been working on this for many years.“.

I think I did it well, I had a great time doing it and I had fun. “They were always nice words from both the channel and the people and the media, so I’m the one who can say if I’m not here because they didn’t like my job or because there are contracted things,” the model concluded..

Now, all that remains is to know the details of the new edition of the most famous pastry reality show.

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