Gaby Köster gives a health update 16 years after her stroke

Gaby Köster gives a health update 16 years after her stroke

16 years ago, “Rita’s World” star Gaby Köster suffered a severe stroke. She fought her way back to life, but the comedian still feels the effects today.

As a cashier in “Rita’s World”, Gaby Köster delighted television audiences from the end of the 1990s to the beginning of the 2000s. Köster was one of Germany’s comedy greats. And so she took what was probably the most serious health blow of her life with humor. 16 years ago, the now 62-year-old suffered a stroke. Even today, she is still confined to a wheelchair and paralyzed on one side.

Gaby Köster: Her stroke was 16 years ago

In an interview with the “Bild” newspaper, Köster now gives us a glimpse into her everyday life. “Emotionally, I’m fine, physically unchanged. It hasn’t gotten any better,” she says honestly. And she also reveals why she hasn’t had any luck in choosing a partner so far. “I’m still single. In my situation, I’m like a dog from the animal shelter – difficult to place. Anyone who wants to be with me has to have a lot of humor. I’m also quite a chaotic person. That puts a lot of people off,” says Köster.

Köster was once married. She has a son from that marriage. The situation as a single mother is fine for her. “I don’t need a boyfriend or a partner at all costs. I don’t miss anything. Many couples always act as if everything is great, but when you look behind the scenes, everything is completely different,” says Köster. She is alone with her two dogs and her mother.

The consequences of her stroke still bother Köster today. The many operations on her head – one of which required a hole to be drilled – have not faded from her memory. In her new book “My Energy Transition” she writes her frustrations out of her soul. “I can still feel the hole to some extent today. It could have been reconstructed in another operation, but I didn’t feel like having more complex operations,” Köster said in it, according to “Bild”.

She recently told the magazine “Bunte” that she still thinks about the operations. “To this day I can still hear the sound of the saw, that high-pitched squeaking, in my head when the doctors sawed open my skull,” said Köster.

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