The town near CABA where they prepare the best pasta in Argentina

The town near CABA where they prepare the best pasta in Argentina

There is a small city that stands out especially for offering the best pasta in the province of Buenos Aires. What is it and how to get there?

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If you are one of those who likes to travel and eat well, then you have a double job when choosing where to get away or go on vacation. Because there are places that have everything so you can walk, visit or do any type of activity, but they do not have a gastronomic center.

But there is a town in the Buenos Aires provincewhich not only has the typical rural and quiet appearance of the interior, but is also one of the places where the best pasta is cooked region of.


Azcuénaga: A place to rest and delight the palate

Azcuénaga: A place to rest and delight the palate

Azcuénaga, the town of the best pasta in the country

Azcuénagaa small town located 110 kilometers northwest of the Buenos aires city, has gained popularity among local tourists as a charming destination. Noted for its Italian-influenced gastronomy, it offers a unique experience for lovers of good food.

Named in honor of Brigadier General Miguel de Azcuénagaa prominent military man and member of the First Government Board in 1810this picturesque town has emerged as a culinary benchmark in the region.

What you can see in Azcuénaga, Buenos Aires

In addition to delighting in its exquisite Italian style pastavisitors can enjoy country activitiesexplore the leafy tree-lined walks and discover the historic buildings that tell the story of the place.

With constant growth, Azcuénaga stands out as one of the tastiest destinations in the area, offering a wide variety of dining options. However, its main attraction remains the authenticity of its Italian pastas.

How to get to Azcuénaga from CABA

Located within the party of San Andrés de Gileyes, the town is located about 110 kilometers northwest of the City of Buenos Airesjust 15 minutes from the head of the municipality.

For those who choose to arrive by car, access is easy. From the Panamericana in the direction of Pilar branchyou must continue to the town of Solís, where it connects with the National Route 193. After traveling approximately 9 kilometers, you reach the a, which leads to the entrance to Azcuénaga.

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