Heinz Hoenig: His condition has worsened

Heinz Hoenig: His condition has worsened

There is still great concern for Heinz Hoenig. According to his wife, his condition has worsened again and an operation has been postponed.

Heinz Hoenig (“Das Boot”, 72) has been in hospital in a critical state of health since the beginning of May. In addition to heart problems, the actor is struggling with an esophagus destroyed by a bacterial infection, which had to be removed a few days ago. After this risky operation was successful, his wife Annika Kärsten-Hoenig (39) initially expressed confidence about his health.

Now she announced in a current health update that her husband’s condition had worsened again and that an upcoming operation on his aorta had been postponed. Kärsten-Hoenig gave the worrying update in a.

Source: Stern

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