Google and the augmented reality company Magic Leap reach a collaboration agreement

Google and the augmented reality company Magic Leap reach a collaboration agreement

The two companies managed to reach an agreement and create an augmented reality device together with artificial intelligence together. The future projects of both companies.


Googlefrom Alphabet , and the augmented reality company Magic Leap They are forming a strategic technological alliance. They are also working on the creating immersive experiences that combine the physical and digital worlds.

Magic Leap announced on Thursday in a blog that The two companies reached a collaboration agreement. A spokesperson for Google confirmed the agreement. Although scarce in details, The announcement adds to the signs that Google could be plotting its return to the market of augmented and virtual reality technologies (AR/VR), which has so far largely yielded to its rivals Meta and Apple.

The collaboration between Google and Magic Leap

Magic Leapbased in Florida, would combine his experience in optics and device manufacturing with Google technology platforms.


Google collaborates with Samsung Electronics.

Google collaborates with Samsung Electronics.

“Until now we have distributed a couple of different versions of augmented reality devices“So we’re out there distributing things, and Google has a long history of thinking about platforms,” Julie Larson-Green, Chief Technology Officer at Magic Lea, told Reutersp, in an interview prior to the announcement. “So we’re thinking that, combining our experience and yours, “We could end up doing a lot of things.”he added.

Google is an investor in Magic Leapmajority owned by the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia. The startup was one of the favorites in the field of augmented reality headsets, But it had trouble finding a niche of consumers and more recently began exploring deals to license its technology or produce components for others.

Both Magic Leap and Google declined to clarify whether the partnership is expected to result in a consumer augmented reality device. Google has also been collaborating with Samsung Electronics since the beginning of last year to develop mixed reality technologies, something that, according to the Google spokesperson, did not change with the agreement with Magic Leap.

Google’s AI glasses project

Larson-Green said she was especially looking forward to working with some of the “cool AI links” with augmented reality that Google announced at its annual developer conference earlier this month. In a video of that event, Google showed off an AI agent called Project Astra by having a person put on a prototype of glasses and ask him questions about what he was seeing. The agent responded both in the form of audio and digital text overlaid on the lenses.

That functionality is similar to what Meta plans for its Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses.which added an AI assistant last year and in April received a software update that allows the agent to identify objects seen by the user in audio form.

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