“Eric” premiered on Netflix, gruesome thriller with a dark puppeteer

“Eric” premiered on Netflix, gruesome thriller with a dark puppeteer

The best thing about the series is the solidity of the British Benedict Cumberbatch, who captivated in “The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar”, “Doctor Strage” and “Sherlock”, among others.

For several days now, when you log in to Netflix, the preview of “Eric,” suspense series that finally premiered today and a great bet for the platform judging by the advertising. Netflix returns to one of the most captivating and profitable genres at the viewing level with an exclusive protagonist such as the British Benedict Cumberbatch (“The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar”, “Doctor Strage”, “Sherlock”).

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As for the genre, it is enough to see that among the most viewed on the platform are thrillers and series with doses of suspense or truculence, such as the very good exponents of true crime, “The Asunta Case” or “Bebé Renó”, and “Eric” It joins this new wave of murky thrillers with missing children that are reiterated so much in the plots because it undoubtedly works. At the same time, it leaves an undeniable feeling of deja vu, since there are several scripts that focus on the same thing.

Anyway, the series is worth it starting with the brilliant performance of Cumberbatch like an intriguing and famous puppeteer from a children’s program, a very attractive character if there ever was one. Set in the eighties, in the New York of the homeless and the underworld, the trigger of the conflict is the strange creature created by the puppeteer to try to reveal the intrigue of the disappearance of his son. With something supernatural and the magic that comes with the world drawn through marionettes or puppets, although the relentless search for that lost or kidnapped child was seen in so many other (and better) series, “Eric.” it’s worth it.


The game of mirrors proposed between the monsters created by that puppeteer, who builds increasingly bizarre and frightening beings, and the underground life of the criminals and drug addicts of New York in the 1980s, is interesting. Sinister, dark, effective and the most attractive in terms of releases of the week.

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