Good French animation with a touch of social satire

Good French animation with a touch of social satire

“Jungle of Madness 2”, although aimed at the little ones, does not fail to ironize certain social aspects and formulates a call for harmonious coexistence.

According to what they say, a tiger adopted an orphaned little penguin, so when he grew up he became a striped and fighting penguin, who has a little striped fish as a son. He carries him in his fish tank, which does not prevent the little one from running the fish tank on his behalf, knowing how to give a few good kung fu blows like his beloved father, and drinking water from a bowl like the other animals. These and other nonsense can be seen in the drawing “Jungle of Madness 2”. But let’s go to the beginning.

That beginning took place in the head of Jean-Francois Tosti, a neighbor from Toulouse who lives almost around the corner from Gardel’s birthplace. Right there, with the help of David Alaux and Eric Tostithe man set up a small cartoon company, from which came the stories of a Christmas elf, a boy astronaut, a little mouse and a cat who help Jason and the Argonauts, and, especially, a group of friends dedicated to defending the jungle against any danger.

They are friends of different fur and plumage, whom the French boys met in a television series and later saw in the cinema, fighting against evil walruses and then against an arsonist koala. This adventure could be seen here on Fox Play before the pandemic, but without much promotion.

Now they must face a capuchin monkey riding on a turkey vulture, a huge panda, some bugs that worship the Sacred Circle that Stinks (it’s better not to know what that is) and, above all, a beaver that, in command of a fleet of planes, wants to deforest. the jungle spraying a kind of pesticide that will explode as soon as the rainy season ends.

The antidote formula is found in a half-gagá armadillo. Her daughter, a warrior armor, leads them towards him. Needless to say, the tabby penguin falls in love with her as soon as he sees her fighting an army of who knows what annoying animals? What if it was reciprocated?

In this film there are nonsense, kicks, trips through the desert, the sea, the snow and the caves, a scene that satirizes the French themselves in a village, and, without needing to say it, there is a good proposal for coexistence between different beings, as different and as friendly as the kids from any neighborhood or public school there in France or right here can be. Good idea, nice movie.

“Jungle of Madness 2” (“Les as de la jungle 2: Opération tour du monde”, France, 2023). Dir.: Laurent Bru, Yannick Moulin, Benoit Somville. Animation.

Source: Ambito

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