Matthias Fornoff loses leadership role in ZDF’s capital office

Matthias Fornoff loses leadership role in ZDF’s capital office

Matthias Fornoff was actually supposed to give up his position as head of the ZDF capital office in November. Now the journalist is losing his leadership role earlier – because complaints have been piling up.

ZDF journalist Matthias Fornoff has to give up an important leadership role in the public broadcaster. As of Saturday, June 1, the 60-year-old will no longer be head of the main editorial department for politics and current affairs, as the Second German Television (ZDF) in Mainz announced on Thursday in response to a request from dpa. The “Bild” newspaper had previously reported on this.

Fornoff was actually supposed to hand over the reins to ZDF journalist Shakuntala Banerjee on November 1, as ZDF announced in April. According to ZDF, deputy director Antje Pieper will step in on an interim basis until Banerjee takes over in November. Fornoff has held this management role since summer 2014.

Colleagues complain about misconduct by Matthias Fornoff

The broadcaster further said of the journalist: “In future, he will take on a new role in the ZDF editorial team without any management responsibility.” The public broadcaster commented on the reasons as follows: “This was preceded by complaints about misconduct towards colleagues. ZDF has investigated these and always places high demands on its managers.”

The broadcaster also said: “Matthias Fornoff has admitted mistakes and accepted the decision made by ZDF.” Early Thursday evening, dpa asked the journalist for a statement on the “Bild” report.

Well-known ZDF presenter

Fornoff is known to millions of TV viewers. He has been presenting the “Politbarometer” for many years and presents survey results from the research group Wahlen in election broadcasts. He has also presented numerous “ZDF spezial” programs on current events. The ZDF statement did not reveal what his future presentations will look like.

The main editorial department for politics and current affairs includes the editorial departments “Special Broadcasts”, “Germany”, “Europe”, “Documentaries”, “Auslandsjournal”, “Maybrit Illner” and “Society Reportage”.

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