Emigrate to Italy: the unknown fact to obtain citizenship faster and without turn

Emigrate to Italy: the unknown fact to obtain citizenship faster and without turn

It is known that the process to start and obtain Italian citizenship is not a simple procedure, nor is it obtained quickly, but there is a way to speed it up.

He Italian Consulate has introduced a new route to obtain Italian citizenship, different from the more traditional options. While judicial methods and procedures with shifts present difficulties due to costs or a shortage of places, this new tool offers a more accessible option for those seeking nationality.

In a complicated economic scenario, characterized by the high inflation and devaluation, many Argentines consider emigration as a viable alternative. Obtaining a community passport becomes a crucial objective for those who wish to study or live abroad. However, the process of obtaining citizenship can be arduous.

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Being married can be your ticket to obtaining Italian citizenship faster

Being married can be your ticket to obtaining Italian citizenship faster

How to obtain Italian citizenship faster and without turn

In the Argentine consulates, there is the possibility of obtaining citizenship by marriagealthough this route requires a vacancy that is usually difficult to obtain through the platform Prenotami.

The Italian Government has recognized that, of the 30 million qualified people, 1.6 million seek citizenship by descent. However, the option of acquiring nationality through marriage to an Italian citizen is a viable alternative.

Emigrate to Italy: requirements to obtain citizenship by marriage

To access the Italian citizenship by marriageit is necessary to meet the following requirements:

  1. The Italian citizen must be registered in the Registration of Italians residing abroad (AIR).
  2. The couple must reside within the consular district where they are registered.
  3. Have three years of marriage, or 18 months if they have children.
  4. Complete three years since the first member of the couple obtained citizenship (half if there are children).
  5. Register the civil union in the Italian municipality correspondent.
  6. The marriage must be in force when the process begins.
  7. Demonstrate a level of Italian B1 certified by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
  8. Not have a serious criminal record.

To begin the citizenship process, you must have the following documentation:

  • Original birth certificate with apostille.
  • Marriage certificate issued by the Italian municipality.
  • Original criminal record certificate.
  • Italian level certification.
  • Payment receipt and legal seal.
  • ID of both people.

Once all the documentation is gathered, the steps to follow are:

  1. Request an appointment for the “Legalization for Naturalization“.
  2. Go to the Consulate to legalize the translations.
  3. Register on the corresponding portal.
  4. Complete the application and upload all documents to the portal.
  5. The Consulate will review and validate the process, granting nationality if applicable.

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