Ulises Bueno suffered a delay in his flight and started singing and dancing in Ezeiza

Ulises Bueno suffered a delay in his flight and started singing and dancing in Ezeiza

The renowned singer was traveling to Spain to give a series of shows and surprised the passengers with the rhythm of “Dale Vieja Dale”, one of his most popular songs.

What was a moment of anger and anguish it turned into a party, a dance floor in the departure hall of the Ezeiza airport. And the generator of that change of mood was Ulysses Well, since by dint of one of his hits made even the angriest dance.

It all started when the singer was heading to Spain to perform a series of shows in different cities, such as Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Mallorca, Malaga, Bilbao, Valencia and Alicante, but he encountered a problem: the flights were delayed and they would have to wait to start the adventure. Far from getting angry, The quartet decided to organize a small show for those who were present at the place..

Ulises Bueno’s mini show at the airport

To the beat of “Dale Vieja Dale”, one of his most popular songs, the man from Córdoba and his musicians took out their instruments and improvised some of their hits, while the rest of the passengers sang, danced and filmed excitedly. Seeing the reaction of the people, the brother of Rodrigo Bueno He began to clap and encourage dancing, while the rest immortalized the moment with their cell phones. “Flight delayed, but we give you the best vibes to get to Spain”, he wrote alongside the video of the mini concert they put on.

Ulysses good airport

Courtesy of @becauseTTarg

Coming soon the post was filled with comments, all approving their actions and thanking them for their good attitude to change the mood of the passengers and give them such an unexpected surprise. “Can you be so lucky to be right there, taking a flight and having Ulysses singing?” wrote one of his followers. “It reminds me of Rodrigo, when he opened the doors of his house in Córdoba and started playing for the people of the neighborhood,” said another, mentioning the singer’s older brother, the legendary Foal..

Thank you, what geniuses for making us spend a beautiful and unique moment, and changing our energy. “A pleasure to meet the whole band,” wrote one of the latecomers who had the opportunity to live the experience.

Reference of the cuartero and the tropical scene, Ulysses flirted with excesses and his health played tricks on him. So he put in a lot to recover and currently, He is very focused on his career and he did not stop since his return to activity. “I have been working for 23 years and there are little things that we have to take care of to fulfill everything we have”he had said at the time about his forced stop.

He also took the opportunity to draw parallels with his brother’s career. “My body says a lot of things, but it remains silent about a lot of things too. Then, with his pants off, My body is telling me: ‘Shut up because they’ll shut you up.’ Similar to the Potro, let’s say. These are things that few will understand, but then many will analyze them,” she said in an interview in Intruders (America) last year.

In March, the singer released a collaboration with Luck Ra: “I’m thirsty”. The people of Córdoba, far from comparisons and attempts to confront them, came together and released this classic that soon climbed all the rankings successfully.

At the beginning of April, he did the same with the video clip for “I can’t fake it”a song he starred in with Sabrina Rojas and that he recorded with the quartet group DesaKTa2. “Drunk with love I find myself for you, planets fall every time you kiss me, I go straight to the sun / I’m crazy, crazy with love / I like your skin, your way of being / it’s your kisses that take over my heart / “I get very crazy looking at you, my love,” the singers sing while images of Sabrina are seen.. The chemistry between the singer and the actressadded to the lyrics of the song, gave rise to countless romance rumors that, in the end, were neither confirmed nor denied.

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