The unknown town of Catamarca with only 700 inhabitants that makes you fall in love with its natural charm

The unknown town of Catamarca with only 700 inhabitants that makes you fall in love with its natural charm

Villa Las Pirquitas attracts tourism from northwest Argentina because its dam and mountains create a wonderful and peaceful setting for fishing and adventure.

Villa Las Pirquitas It is one of the hundreds of hidden towns in Argentina that are an ideal destination to enjoy a quiet vacation and the tourism. This Catamarca place It allows you to enjoy the views of the imposing mountains, so characteristic of the province, and its calm waters.

This region of our country offers hundreds of landscapes, at any point on the horizon where we set our sights. This way we can appreciate the valleys, ravines, mountains, lagoons and the endless vegetation and local fauna.. This style of tourism is most appreciated by those who want to get away from the screens and stress of big cities.

What to do in Villa Las Pirquitas, Catamarca

The town developed around Las Pirquitas Dam, this is one of the biggest attractions in the area because of its history and because it produces a calm blanket containing a wide variety of fish. The lake adjacent to the hydraulic work attractssport fishing enthusiasts. But it also forms a whole hiking and cycling circuit on the mountain slopes. This set creates stunning views of the lake from any of your activities.

Many tourists fall in love with the landscape that Villa Las Pirquitas offers. Its rocky terrain is portrayed in the serene canvas of its waters. The town is aware of this and allows camping in the dam complex so that they can enjoy the beauty of the environment. This place too offers restaurant services, infrastructure for picnics and shops to buy what you need.

How to get to Villa Las Pirquitas, Catamarca

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This place is located in the department of Fray Mamerto Esquiú, 27 kilometers from the capital of the province. For those who want to go from Buenos Aires, they will have to undertake a journey of 1150 kilometersapproximately 14 or 15 hours by car.

The Buenos Aires residents’ journey will begin by taking National Route 9. They will have to continue along this road until they reach the city of Córdoba. Later they will connect with National Route 60 until they reach San Martín, a town that borders between La Rioja and Catamarca. From here, they will enter Provincial Route 33 until they reach San Fernando. This will be the last stop because it will continue to connect with Provincial Route 1 until it ends in Las Pirquitas.

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