Queen Letizia: Will she repeat the affair drama at the Spanish court?

Queen Letizia: Will she repeat the affair drama at the Spanish court?

The rumor mill is bubbling in the Spanish royal family. Queen Letizia and her husband, King Felipe, are said to have been in a sham marriage for years. There is talk of countless affairs, separate beds and bodyguards watching over them.

This year, the 20th wedding anniversary on May 22nd was not marked by romantic letters, but instead by a lot of headlines in the Spanish press about the royal couple’s allegedly broken marriage. This drama was triggered by a newly published book called “Los silencios de Letizia” (Letizia’s silence), written by 91-year-old royal expert Jaime Peñafiel.

This is not the first time that the author has verbally attacked the Spanish queen. At the end of 2023, he published the book “Letizia y yo” (Letizia and I) and accused her of having had an affair with her ex-brother-in-law Jaime Del Burgo. In his latest book, Peñafiel even alleges that the 51-year-old had eight other lovers during her marriage to Felipe.

The couple are said to treat public appearances together as if they were just a job, and in their private lives they sleep in separate beds and lead parallel lives. According to the author’s sources, “Felipe and Letizia do not share a bed or a table. They do not even speak to each other anymore.” He simply describes the marriage as “hypocrisy and parody.”

Queen Letizia is said to have spent a romantic weekend in a castle

The Argentinian magazine “Caras” goes one step further and claims that both have secretly had new partners for a long time. However, the magazine does not reveal the source of this claim. Even concise details are listed. Letizia’s new lover is said to be “very rich” and owns a “castle in the French Pyrenees” where she is said to have already spent a romantic weekend with him. King Felipe is also said to be passing his time with a “rich heiress” and is very careful to ensure that no pictures are made public.

But as king and queen, the two always travel with personal protection. Peñafiel claims in his book that Felipe finds out in real time whether Letizia is cheating on him. According to the author, the bodyguards who always accompanied them were instructed to always inform the king whether she had appointments or not.

When the whole thing began, which royal family expert Pilar Eyre dated in an interview with TV3 to 2013 at the latest, the king was said to have been “crushed and torn” by Letizia’s betrayal, according to Peñafiel. In order to gain final clarity, the Spanish secret service “Centro Nacional de Inteligencia” (CNI) is said to have been sent to investigate Letizia. If this claim is true, it will not have happened without Felipe’s consent.

Affairs in the Spanish palace? This is not the first time that the issue of infidelity has reached royal dimensions. Felipe’s parents also separated after numerous affair rumors. Former King Juan Carlos is said to have had an affair with society lady Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein for years – that was too much for his wife Sofia. After the change of throne in 2014, the former royal couple saw no reason to keep up appearances. They now live separately: Sofia in the Zarzuela Palace northwest of Madrid, Juan Carlos in exile in Dubai. Only duty had kept them together all these years.

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