Queen Letizia: This is what she will get in case of a divorce from Felipe

Queen Letizia: This is what she will get in case of a divorce from Felipe

Twenty years ago, King Felipe and Queen Letizia are said to have laid down in a 40-page marriage contract how the property should be divided in the event of a divorce. Rumors of a crisis surrounding the royal marriage are currently circulating.

In recent days, rumors have been circulating that the Spanish royal couple have been living in a marriage of convenience for a long time. The speculation was sparked by the author Jaime Peñafiel, who published a book called “Los silencios de Letizia”, ​​in English “The Silence of Letizia”. There are rumors of separate bedrooms, infidelity on the part of Letizia, who according to Peñafiel is said to have had nine affairs during the marriage, and a marriage of convenience that only exists for the sake of professional obligations and the children.

Both King Felipe and Queen Letizia, who celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary on May 22nd, are said to have had new partners for a long time – but in secret. The 91-year-old author’s work also states that the queen is only keeping up appearances because both children are not yet of legal age. The couple have two daughters together, Princess Leonor, 18 years old, and Princess Sofía, 17 years old. The coming of age of the younger Sofía in April 2025 is said to play a role in preserving the marriage, because custody rights are also to be clearly regulated in a marriage contract.

Queen Letizia to receive generous compensation in divorce

The Spanish news portal “El Nacional de Cataluña” claims that the former journalist Letizia signed a tough marriage contract when she married the Spanish royal family in 2004. Among other things, this provides for a separation of property, which means that in the event of a divorce, Letizia would not receive a share of the royal family’s assets, but would receive a previously agreed sum. The Spanish portal writes that she would receive a generous sum in the millions, as well as a summer and a winter house, both with 24-hour concierge service.

The details of the forty-page marriage contract were made public by the Queen’s cousin, David Rocasolano, who in his book“Adiós Príncesa” is the content of the document. But the marriage contract is also said to have a big catch for the 51-year-old: in the event of a divorce, she would lose custody of her children. They would continue to live in the Spanish palace, the “Palacio de la Zarzuela”, and the Queen would also lose her claim to the crown and her title as Royal Highness.

But another royal expert, Pilar Eyre, remains confident despite the persistent rumors about the long-since broken marriage: “They will not divorce, Felipe does not want to cause any harm. (…) Letizia likes being queen.”

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