Katy Karrenbauer had a stroke and reports from the hospital

Katy Karrenbauer had a stroke and reports from the hospital

She looks ailing when Katy Karrenbauer contacted her fans on Instagram a few hours ago. She had a stroke and tells them what exactly happened.

“My dears. Thank you for all your prayers, candles and good wishes,” begins her text for a video in which the actress Katy Karrenbauer can be seen in a hospital bed. She shows herself with a large plaster on her neck, talks about how it came about and that she is “black and blue, stung all over”. Katy Karrenbauer had a stroke and she was apparently lucky to have acted in time.

“It’s been 48 hours since my operation, I was in intensive care until yesterday at 12 o’clock,” says the “Behind Bars” actress, as she wants to tell her followers that she is “doing well considering the circumstances.” “I know I look like shit and why am I even doing this, so why am I showing myself like this? I wanted to deal with the situation openly.”

Katy Karrenbauer was lucky in her misfortune

Then she explains how she came to record this video from her hospital bed. Last Tuesday, Karrenbauer noticed that she could no longer move her hand and forearm properly. She describes the feeling as “lame”. She quickly suspected that she might have had a stroke. After realizing this, she wanted to ride her bike home, but she could no longer ride it, only push it. After a quarter of an hour, her arm tingled and the feeling returned.

In the evening, however, Katy Karrenbauer had to go to the hospital with her 91-year-old father because he had fallen. While she was there, she asked the doctors whether it could have been a stroke. The doctors advised her that she had to take care of it, so she went to the vein doctor because an appointment with a neurologist was apparently difficult at such short notice.

After her first visit to the doctor, she went to the emergency room and stayed there. After hours of examinations, the 61-year-old was operated on. She wrote in her video: “I had a mild stroke and thanks to early detection and timely action, I was able to get help so quickly. I am very grateful for that. That is the only reason I am making this story public, otherwise I would have kept it to myself for fear that this news could affect me professionally. I will make a full recovery and that is great!”


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